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Columbus Dental Care Provides Dental Check-Ups, Teeth Cleaning, Digital X-Rays and Preventive Dental Treatments, to Maintain Your Teeth and Good Oral Health.

Patients come to Columbus Dental Care from all around the greater Nashua, Hudson and Pelham areas, and even from Massachusetts towns along the border. We have to think it’s because they are very happy with the comfortable and complete dental care provided by Dr. Joseph Columbus and the entire Columbus Dental Care staff.

We’re entirely dedicated to making sure you get the dental services that are exactly right for your situation and desires. That dedication begins right from your call to make an appointment for your first visit with us, during which we’ll ask you a few simple questions to help us get an early start on customizing your care.

When you come in, we’ll take a short family medical history, introduce you to our dental staff, and you will also meet with Dr. Joe.  

No matter what other dental services you may need or desire, in most cases you will also see us one or more times per year (we recommend at least twice) for regular dental check-ups and cleanings. A thorough dental visit may include:

  • A cavity check and assessment of tooth and gum health
  • Low-radiation digital X-Rays of your teeth and jaw structures
  • A gentle ultrasonic cleaning of your teeth to remove all debris
  • Polishing of your teeth with special dental polishing agents
  • An oral cancer screening and check on bacteria levels
Dental check-ups

Fluoride treatments are provided for adults where indicated and desired. Also where indicated, your hygienist may recommend a tooth-colored acrylic sealant be applied to the biting surfaces of your teeth – effectively sealing the deep grooves where decay is most likely to start.

If orthodontics or other cosmetic dentistry is indicated during a visit, or are part of your ongoing care, we may also take high-resolution photographs of your smile, so you can see the changes in your final results.

We focus on catching problems early on, before they cause pain or extensive damage to your smile, so thorough, modern checkups are important, and they are the best way to maintain a beautiful smile for many, many years, at the lowest cost.

For regular dental check-ups, teeth cleaning, dental X-rays and total dental hygiene services, come to Columbus Dental Care, in Hudson.