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Cosmetic Dentistry Services From Columbus Dental Care Can Give You a Stronger, Healthier Teeth; a Brighter, Whiter Smile; and Restore the Confidence That Comes with Looking Your Best.

Cosmetic Dentistry is the art and science of designing wonderful smiles. It involves all aspects of general dentistry with a special emphasis on individual teeth and their overall harmony and balance in your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry often involves the restoration of chipped, cracked or broken teeth, and better biting and chewing surfaces, more distinct speech, and a higher degree of confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry services and dental restorations from Columbus Dental Care include:

Detailed information about the cosmetic dentistry and dental restoration service provided at Columbus Dental Care is available by clicking the links above. Shorter descriptions are below, to save you precious time.

Dental Implants

If you have missing or extremely damaged teeth, dental implants are an option to replace them. The implant acts like the root of a healthy tooth, and a porcelain crown is fitted on the implant to take the place of the old  or missing tooth.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

The old days of amalgam fillings containing silver, gold and even toxic mercury are gone. Today, Dr. Joe Columbus fills cavities with safe, durable tooth-colored composite resin that looks great and holds up to biting and chewing.

Metal-Free Crowns

PFM (Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal) crowns are a thing of the past, too. Today’s non-metal frameworks provide a sturdy backing for dental ceramics that give you great-looking teeth without the unsightly black lines that the old PFM crowns usually showed at the gum line.

Porcelain Veneers

To repair chipped, cracked, broken and misaligned teeth, to fill gaps between teeth, and to get even the darkest teeth bright and white, porcelain veneers are the top choice for cosmetic dentist Dr. Joseph Columbus.

Tooth Extractions

An option of last resort, but indicated for things such as crowded teeth, infected or badly broken teeth, and in cases when teeth have to be removed to install denture appliances, Drs. Joe pulls teeth with the utmost care and concern for your comfort.

Dental Bonding

For filling in small cavities, cracks and chips, enlarging slightly undersized teeth, and to whiten just a few teeth, dental bonding using tooth-colored composite resins is a highly-durable, low-cost alternative to porcelain veneers.

Root Canals

Root canal treatments (endodontics) are indicated when tooth decay has become so severe that the interior pulp of the tooth has become infected, and sends signals through the root nerves that can be very painful.


Dental professionals at Columbus Dental Care employ several methods to whiten teeth, including bleaching trays, laser whitening, dental bonding and application of porcelain veneers.

Dr. Joseph Columbus is general family dentist with a multitude of specialized cosmetic dentistry and dental restoration skill that can help you get better teeth, a better smile, and a better quality of life. Contact Columbus Dental Care today.