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Lasers, Ultrasonic Dental Scalers, Chairside CAD/CAM Systems and Advanced Dental Materials Such As Porcelain and Composite Resins Are All Employed by Dr. Joseph Columbus to Give You a Better Smile.

Every year, new and better techniques for cosmetic and restorative dentistry are developed, new dental equipment is introduced, and new materials are employed, all so that your teeth and gums can be kept in the best condition possible.

Here are some of the high-tech ways we make better smiles:

  • Ultrasonic Cleanings: Yes, we still have to do some hand-work with traditional tools, but the majority of your teeth cleaning is done safely with sound, and we have the latest generation of ultrasonic scalers, to get out tough tartar and reach gently under your gums to get the plaque that does the most damage.
  • Low-Radiation Digital X-Rays: You may remember how uncomfortable dental X-rays used to be, with that card-board covered piece of film in your mouth for what seemed like forever while you held totally still. With today’ digital X-ray technology, the machine emits lower energy particles, or soft X-rays, which strike a digital sensor, which requires less radiation to produce an image than traditional X-rays.
  • Digital Intraoral Camera: At Columbus Dental Care, you now get to see what we see, because we can use a wand-like digital camera to show you cavities, gum recession, plaque build-up and other dental problems. You don’t have to take our word for it when something is wrong – you can see it for yourself!
  • CAD/CAM Crowns In One Day: Dentistry got a whole lot of high-tech when CAD/CAM (computer aided) equipment came into play. Now measurements of your mouth and teeth are much more precise, and crowns, veneers, dentures and partials can be produced in a fraction of the time and cost. Our chairside CAD/CAM restoration system even makes it possible for you to get a finished crown or inlay in one visit, sometimes in as little as one hour!
  • Non-Metallic Crowns & Fillings: in the old days, fillings and the framework for crowns we made from various metal amalgams, often containing silver or gold, but also more dangerous metals such as lead and mercury. Today, we used tooth-colored composite resins for fillings, which look better, are safer and last just as long; and tooth-colored composites or dental ceramics and porcelains to as the backing for crowns, so there is no longer that unsightly black line at your gums.
  • Autoclave Sterilization: Your safety is always our top concern, so we use disposable materials when possible, and clean our dental instruments and equipment in a dental autoclave that uses steam – at temperatures reaching 270° F – to completely sterilize instruments and equipment, for safety as well as infection control.

Since Dr. Joe belongs to several dental societies and associations, and takes more than 30 hours of advanced training every year, you can be sure that you are always going to get treated with the most-advanced dental equipment and materials.

Better smiles begin with excellent training and the right equipment and materials, including the high-tech dental equipment and materials you’ll find in use at Columbus Dental Care.